HSC Exam Result 2024 Full Marksheet (EBoardResults.Com)

Education Board Result for all Boards in Bangladesh. Let’s check the HSC Exam Result 2024 Full Marksheet (EBoardResults.Com). HSC Result 2024 for ten Boards in Bangladesh. All Education Board Results simultaneously HSC Result 2024 with mark sheet will be found my website. We are welcome to those students, who are thinking to find the HSC Result 2024 Full Mark sheet will be published on same day. HSC Exam Result 2024 All Education Board will be published at education board result website educationboardresults.gov.bd. We will also update HSC Result 2024 here on this popular website https://xiclassadmission.net. So you can search HSC Exam Result All Education Board from one place. HSC Result all education board may be published on February. All Education Boards fixed exam date for publishing HSC Result 2024.

HSC Exam Result

HSC Exam Result 2024 BD

HSC result 2024 Bangladesh is going to publish soon. Bangladesh Education Board is going to disclose HSC exam result. The result of all Education Board, Barisal Board, Comilla Board, Chittagong Board, Dhaka Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Madrasah Board, Technical Board will be published together.

Check out HSC result 2024 Bangladesh will be published on Education Board results in official website WWW.EDUCATIONBOARDRESULT.GOV.BD. As well as exam result will also be checked through SMS, Android app and by visiting the college campus. So dont get worried about to get your exam result, you can now get it from anywhere, easily.

HSC Result 2024 Full Marksheet for All Education Board Bangladesh:

HSC Exam Result 2024 Bangladesh will be found all public education boards and also found my website. The HSC Result 2024 may be published on …………., said to the education board of Bangladesh. HSC Exam Result 2024 Bangladesh published this year result all public education board website also publish my website. The Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exam is conducted by eight education boards, one Madrasah education board and one technical education board. Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) and equivalent examinations start on across the country was held on last december.

HSC Result 2024 Publish Date is 

www.educationboardresults.gov.bd or eboardresults.com

HSC Result 2024 Full Marksheet All Education Board Bangladesh:

Lets check HSC Result 2024 Bangladesh:

HSC Examination on the first day the students of HSC examiners are appearing for Bangla 1st Paper that started at 10am. Total 13, 41,374 examinees attend from 8,104 educational institutions all over the Bangladesh. Besides 606,293 examinees are boys and 535,081 examinees are girls taken part in HSC Exam 2024 under 10 education boards, including madrasa and technical boards. HSC Exam Result published by Education Boards of Bangladesh will be found here. HSC Exam Result 2024 All Education Board Bangladesh.

HSC Result 2024 Full Marksheet All Education Board Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Education Board normally publishes any public examination result within 2 months/60 days from the last written examination day. By analyzing the records of previous few years we can see that education board is successfully maintaining this rule. From previous 2 years HSC Result is being published in the 1st half of August. Since there was no unusual political occurrence we hope that HSC Exam Result will be published timely. Every year a lot of number students appear in the Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Exam. This year 1,073,884 students fewer than 10 education boards appeared in the HSC exam. Now they are waiting for HSC Exam Result. HSC Exam Result will be published.

HSC Routine 2024 is available here. You can download HSC Routine 2024 from. This year HSC examination will start April 2. First HSC Exam is Bangla 1st Paper. Last year first HSC exam was Bengali first paper. Previous year HSC exam was started from 2nd April, and continue up to 15th May.

HSC Exam Result Download:

HSC Exam means Higher Secondary Certificate Exam. All education board HSC exams will begin on same day. There are eight general education boards in Bangladesh. They are Dhaka Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Barisal Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Chittagong Education Board, Sylhet Education Board, Dinajpur Education Board, one Madrasa education board and one Technical education board. HSC Result is applicable for eight general education boards.

To Check All Education Board Result – Click Here

Get your HSC exam result by SMS

Maybe this is the most used method to check HSC result. If you want to check your results right from your home, then most probably you use this method to check your exam result.

Now at the time, most of the Bangladeshi people have a mobile phone in their hand. But unfortunately, there possible chance that you don’t have a smartphone with active Internet line.

But don’t worry, Education Boards of Bangladesh makes a solution to check your result in such condition. That means you don’t need a smartphone or Internet-connected computer to get your HSC exam result. You can easily get your HSC result from a normal phone which is able to send and receive SMS.

This method of result checking is super easy. All you need a mobile phone (its no matter that a smartphone or feature phone) to get your HSC result.

You just need to send a simple, well-formatted SMS to 16222, so that you will get a reply SMS with your HSC result.

One note is here that your SIM in must be biometrically registered to get your HSC result.

HSC Result Full Marksheet Bangladesh:

  • Dhaka Board HSC Result-  DHA
  • Rajshahi Board HSC Result-  RAJ
  • Comilla Board HSC Result-  COM
  • Jessore Board HSC Result-  JES
  • Chittagong Board HSC Result-  CHI
  • Barisal Board HSC Result-  BAR
  • Sylhet Board HSC Result-  SYL
  • Dinajpur Board HSC Result-  DIN
  • Madrasah Board Alim Result-  MAD
  • Technical Education Board Result-  TEC

All Education Board HSC exam result information

The result of HSC exam of all Education Board will be published together. Also, the checking system of exam result is same for all Education Board. However, each Education Board will also publish their board result in an additional way. Dive this section below to know them.

Barisal Education Board HSC result

Barisal Education Board was established on 1999. Barisal Board is the responsible authority for taking the HSC exam, evaluating exam paper and publishing the result.

Its easy to check HSC exam result for Barisal Education Board students. If you are from Barisal Education Board, then don’t get panic about your exam result. You don’t need to go anywhere to get your HSC exam result. You can check your results from anywhere in the world.

Barisal Education Board HSC result also will be available via online, mobile SMS or using the official Education Board results in Android app.

Another option to get you Barisal Board result is to visit the board website. Cause Barisal Board HSC result will also be available on their website. You can easily check your result from there.

Barisal Education Board website: http://www.barisalboard.gov.bd

Chittagong Education Board HSC result

Chittagong Education Board was established in 1995. Chittagong Education Boards HSC exam result will be published on the same date and time with other Education Board. As well as the result checking system is same.

Also, a student from Chittagong Education Board Bangladesh can visit the boards official website to get their exam result. Chittagong Education Board website: http://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd

Comilla Education Board HSC result

Comilla Education Board was established in 1962 by Pakistan Intermediate and Secondary Education Ordinance. Comilla Education Board is the responsible authority for HSC exam held under their covered area.

Comilla Education Board HSC result will be available thru online/Internet, SMS and Android app. Students should visit the Central Education Board result website to get their HSC result. But if you’re unable to get your result from there, then please visit the Comilla Boards website for your result.

Comilla Education Board website: http://comillaboard.portal.gov.bd

Dhaka Education Board HSC result

Dhaka Education Board is the top board in Bangladesh by the number of students get HSC exam. Not only that but also Dhaka Board performs better than all other Board in recent past years. Dhaka Board HSC result can be touched through online/Internet, mobile SMS or Android. Yes, this is the same as all other Education Board. The procedure of getting HSC result of Dhaka Education Board is also same as other Education Board.

You can also visit the Dhaka Education Boards website if in case you can’t check your result via the thus method. Because Dhaka Board will publish their students HSC exam result to their board’s website. Dhaka Education Board website: http://www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd

Dinajpur Education Board HSC result

Dinajpur Education Board was started their work in 2006. Dinajpur Education Board HSC exam result also published together with other Education Boards of Bangladesh. Also, the result checking system for Dinajpur Education Board is same. That means you can check your HSC result from online, via SMS or Android smartphone.

Dinajpur Board HSC result will also be published on the board’s website. You can visit Dinajpur Education Boards website as an alternative way to get your HSC exam result. Dinajpur Education Board website: http://www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd

Jessore Education Board HSC result

Jessore Education Board was founded in 1963 by an ordinance. Jessore Education Board is the controller of PSC, JSC, SSC and HSC exam under their area. Are you an HSC examinee from Jessore Education Board? Don’t worry about getting your HSC exam result. Cause you can get your HSC result easily like as other Education Boards of Bangladesh.

Jessore Boards HSC examinee can get their exam result from Internet/online, SMS or Android app. The procedure is same for all Education Board as well as for Jessore Board.

As an additional method, Jessore Education Boards students can get their HSC result for Boards official website. Jessore Education Board website: http://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd

Rajshahi Education Board HSC result

Rajshahi Education Board HSC exam result will publish together with other Education Board. The date, time and procedure to check Rajshahi Education Boards HSC exam result are same. That’s why students from Rajshahi Education you can get their HSC result easily. All you need to have a smartphone with an internet connection or just a mobile phone to get your exam result.

Rajshahi Education Board will also publish their Boards results on their website. So that students can easily get their exam result if any of common method not working. Rajshahi Education Board website: http://www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd

Sylhet Education Board HSC result

Sylhet Education Board starts their journey in 1999. Sylhet Education Board HSC result will be published on the same date. Students from Sylhet Education Board can get their exam result easily. The way to getting Sylhet Boards result is same. So that you can get your exam result from the internet, mobile SMS or smartphone.

Sylhet Board authority will also make the results available to their board website. So that a student can also visit the website for Sylhet Board HSC exam result on result publication date. Sylhet Education Board website: http://sylhetboard.gov.bd

Technical Education Board result

Technical Education Board of Bangladesh is specialized Education Boards of Bangladesh which mostly focused on hands-on training. HSC equivalent certificate from Technical Education Board is known as BM. This certificate holds the same value as HSC certificate. Technical Board BM (HSC) exam result will be published on the same date of general Education Board. The method o checking Technical Board result is also same as general Education Board. So that students from Technical Board can also get their results easily as other board.

To get your Technical Board HSC result, please follow the same procedure as mentioned above for all Education Board.

Technical Education Board website: http://www.bteb.gov.bd

Madrasah Education Board Alim result

Madrasah Education Board is not same as the other Education Boards. It’s a specialized Education Board focusing on Islamic religious views. Madrasah Education Board takes Alim exam, which is equivalent to HSC exam. The result of Madrasah Boards Alim exam will be published together with all equivalent result of HSC exam. SO don’t worry about your Alim result if you’re from Madrasah Education Board.

Please follow the same procedure mentioned above for all Education Board for your Madrasah Education Board Alim result. For more information regarding your Madrasah Board exam or result, please visit the Madrasah Education Boards official website. Madrasah Education Board website: http://bmeb.ebmeb.gov.bd

HSC Exam Result 2024 Full Marksheet (EBoardResults.Com)